Grimes Canoe Base - August 19, 2000

Troop 521's annual trip to Middle Tennessee Council's Grimes Canoe Base in Flatwood, Tennessee has become one of our most popular activities. This year, we took 22 people out on the river for 11 miles of fun, lessons in the safe handling of canoes, body surfing, and a general good time.

The first thing we did after breakfast on Saturday morning was fix a lunch to take on the river.  Everybody got extra bottles of water and everything had to be ready to be tied onto the canoe (just in case).

Finally back in camp it was time to rest and fix supper.  Everyone had a good appetite and spent the evening enjoying being in camp.  Nobody had any trouble sleeping Saturday night.

Going down the Buffalo River in a canoe is fun but stopping and enjoying the river is a lot of fun too.  We allowed almost as much time to stop and play as we did to paddle.  That, and the squirt guns, worked out really well.