Climb Nashville - February 2020

Troop 521 returned to Climb Nashville in 2020. We had a couple of guys who had done this before and earned the Climbing merit badge but most of the guys were going to climb for the first time. We arrived just before they opened for the day and stopped for a photo outside before going in.

Our newest Scout earned his Totin' Chip and can now carry and use a knife. In addition to working on merit badges, he completed requirements for both Scout and Tenderfoot.

Astronomy Merit Badge introduced Scouts to some really cool telescopes. 

One of our Scouts earned his Rifle Shooting and Archery Merit Badges.

Did you ever wonder if you could build a raft? Our guys did! Using pieces of wood found near the campsite, they lashed together a raft. But if you build a raft, will it float? That was the test it had to pass. The guys took the raft to the waterfront for launch. One Scout would serve as the test pilot. The others acted as a cheering squad.

As the moment of truth drew near, the test pilot prepared for launch. With a paddle borrowed from kayaking, he mounted the craft.

This was an ideal project for a very hot week in camp.

Now this is a truly spectacular feat! Does it seem like he's sitting on the water? What a magnificent job, sitting on the water cross-legged, paddling your way across a lake. Wow!!! You've probably figured it out by now. He's sitting on the raft which is floating just below the surface of the water.

The raft was donated to the waterfront and anchored in the boating area.

We reached the end of the week. The guys decided to create and recruit a new Scout and posed with him for a photo. It looks like the new Scout could have eaten a little more in the dining hall but I'm sure everything will be fine.

We packed up Troop gear on Friday night and were up at 6:00 on Saturday morning to pack and load personal gear. Breakfast was at 7:00 and we left camp for home at 7:45. It was a fantastic week.

We'll be back next year!